Think about a brand you really vibe with. You might not recall the exact details of the product or service, but you like what you see. And you want to see more of them.

This sort of interaction doesn't happen by chance.

Quite the opposite, actually -

Creating a brand people love to engage with requires a delicate combination of strategy and creativity. Every little detail - the colours, the logo, the functionality of your website - must come together to create not only an aesthetic they’ll remember, but an experience they can’t forget.

Hi, I’m Fianna (also known as ‘Fi’) Forsythe, the qualified designer-developer behind Form & Flourish.

I help small business owners to create & grow iconic brands through custom website development, brand design, and online strategy.

You could say I’m one of those equally artistic & analytical types - armed with both the creative skills to visualise your dream brand and the technical skills to bring it to life.

I love curating the perfect colour palette. And fine tuning the flow of a web page. And I’m really, really big on little details.

Seeing your new brand out in the world is always a special moment, but the most rewarding thing is seeing you see your brand out in the world. And knowing I’ve helped you launch it with confidence.

Located in

The (almost) always sunny Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Inspired by

Vintage signage, art nouveau, interior design shows, natural colours

Favourite colour

Cornflower Blue 


Floral patterns, mystery novels, the smell of jasmine

Cafe order 

Peppermint tea & banana bread

Early bird/night owl

Early bird

Favourite place

Queenstown in the winter