People make choices every day about which brands to buy from. Since your visual identity is the first thing your potential customers judge you on, it makes sense to ensure that first impression is a great one, huh?

The right aesthetic can take your product or service to the next level. It can capture your business (its quirks, values and personality) and use it as a foundation to build an emotional connection with your audience. It can also give you a massive leg up on the competition.

This is where Form & Flourish comes in – I specialise in helping small businesses (just like you) thrive through custom branding, website design and online strategy.

Meet Fianna

Hi, I’m Fianna (also known as ‘Fi’) O’Donoghue, the qualified designer-developer behind Form & Flourish.

That’s right – I’m a designer and a web developer. I have both the design skills and technical knowledge to create your visual identity and bring it to life seamlessly.

With more than seven years’ experience in e-commerce management, online marketing, graphic design and website development, my goal in founding Form & Flourish was to create a studio for small business owners to get the online help they deserve.

I grew up in the world of small business and I’m now a small business owner myself, so I understand the challenges that come with it. There’s nothing I love more than helping clients to develop their dream brand and take it out into the world with confidence.

Ready to chat about your dream brand? Get in touch!

The Process

  1. Think we’ll be a great match? Fantastic – get in touch so we can start chatting about your project (in person if you’re local, or via email, phone or Skype). Once we’ve had a chance to get to know each other and discuss your website/branding needs, you’ll get a quote to review and approve. When you’re ready to give the go-ahead, we’ll book in a start date. Please note that a deposit is required to officially book your spot on the calendar, and is due before any work commences.

  2. A solid foundation is vital to any project, so we’ll start by getting a clear picture of your brand. I’ll provide you with an in-depth questionnaire that covers all aspects of your new or existing business. This is the stage to share all your ideas and business insight. It’s also the stage where we’ll pin-point your goals, confirm your creative direction and discuss any technical setup required (like which e-commerce platform is best for you).

  3. This is the fun part! Whether it’s a new brand identity, website design, or something else, I’ll work closely with you from start to finish to ensure we get it just right. If we’re creating your brand from scratch, we’ll start with a mood board before kicking off with your logo, website and other collateral. Branding already sorted? Flick it through to me so I can weave it into the project (or enhance it, if necessary). Before we roll out the entire website, you’ll be sent home page mock-ups to allow you to choose your favourite look and feel.

  4. I present your beautiful new website > you provide feedback > we make final tweaks > you sign off. To help you launch with a bang, you’ll get copies of everything you need prior to going live (including logo files, brand guidelines and a thorough website walkthrough).

  5. Ta-da! Your website goes live and you can now start sharing it through your social media channels and other customer touch points. You have a full month to contact me (free of charge) for any technical support you need after the launch. Why? Because I’m as invested in the success of your website as much as you are! I’m 100% behind you and can’t wait to cheerlead for your business.